Success story Brian Gelber and Martin Schwartz

  • Brian Gelber and Martin Schwartz have a history of success in the world financial industry. His name is not as famous as George Soros or Warren Buffet, but both have recorded a history of success as investors and day traders and have inspired many traders around the world.

    Brian Gelber is the Chairman, President, and CEO of Gelber Group, LLC. This is an investment company in America. Starting from the ground up, his name became known when in T-bond futures, Gelber was awarded as a leading local trader and became one of the respected traders on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). Brian Gelber net worth more than $ 100 million.

    Meanwhile, Martin Schwartz listed himself as a successful day trader. He is a stock and futures trader on US Wall Street. His name became famous since he won the US Trading Championship in 1984.

    Well, I will tell their success stories as one of your inspirations in achieving success in financial markets.

    Brian Gelber and Gelber Group

    Not much has been written about Brian Gelber's biography. He started his career ahead of his graduation from Northwestern University as a broker and trader on the Chicago Board Of Trade in 1982.

    Before serving as director of QuietAgent, Inc. he also worked at Price Waterhouse from 1978 to 1980, and at Thomson Mc Kinnon Securities from 1980 to 1982.

    In his career, he managed to manage client funds and provide investment consulting to several clients of financial institutions. With this expertise, Gelber tried to start trading with his funds.

    Very contrary to his wishes, he suffered a huge loss. He lost 3 to 4 million US dollars in the first 6 months. A very large number.

    Although he has made plans with 80 percent for day trading and 20% for long term trading.

    In one statement he realized his biggest mistake was switching from broker to trader.

    But the other side of Brian Gelber is his passion. He never gave up. Brian Gelber then formed a team and planned his trading portfolio, being 80 percent for the long term and 20 percent for the short term.

    A right decision, he made history on October 19, 1987, when Brian Gelber made a profit of 4 million US dollars in just 20 minutes.

    He and his team only relied on the Moving average indicator at that time.

    Although he uses these indicators, he gives a valuable quote that the most important indicators are the market participants themselves. This means that he also relies on market sentiment analysis because this analysis is influenced by market players.

    Gelbergroup LLC

    He currently owns the Gelbergroup LLC company. As CEO and Co-founder of Gelbergroup, he is also the President and chairman of the company.

    The Gelber group started with Brian and Frank Gelber and founded the Gelber Group as a brokerage firm on the Chicago Board of Trade floor in 1982.

    Gelbergroup LLC founded on April 11, 1999, after they left the floor, and launched the Gelber Group is a proprietary trading company. The company website is

    Their courage to form the Gelber group is based on the market potential that is driven by technology, the company is building a business foundation in an algorithmic environment.

    Gelber Group, LLC is a company providing financial management services and technology services.

    Gelbergroup is an international company providing services to investors around the world.

    They offer a wide variety of trading strategies with automated trading technology to an individual, group, and institutional professional traders.

    They offer a different strategy than hedge funds and banks by promising high returns.

    The company has approximately 200 employees who work from home and is based at the address at 350 North Orleans Street North Tower Chicago, IL 60654 United States.

    Brian Gelber Key Success

    Brian Gelber is one of the richest traders with a net worth of more than 100 million dollars. According to him, the key to successful trading in trading is the proper application of risk management.

    He always provides education about the importance of risk management to every trader at CBOT.

    He has often stated that risk management should be the first thing a trader should understand and learn.

    The second key to success is the trading approach by forming a team of effective members with the specialization of each member.

    Brian Gelber gives an example of his team of 5 traders with their respective specialties, such as forex, stock, and commodity traders.

    The key to Brian Gelber's next success is that he is not overly influenced by the opinion of experts or analysts.

    He advises traders to focus on price movements in the market as seen on the screen of your platform.

    Brian Gelber Quote

    In some of his quotes, Brian Gelber states some inspirational sentences that can build your motivation in life, especially if you are a trader.

    Brian Gelber in his quote states he started by swapping smaller, and sometimes just taking a break because it would be able to recover psychology to start over.

    On another quote, he stated that opinion is not very valuable. He emphasizes listening to the market more than opinions.

    Another quote he emphasized not to waste a lot of money when market conditions are not in good chances, even though traders are waiting for a long time at the computer.

    The third quote is very important for all traders, where market trend conditions are sometimes not a good opportunity to seize profit opportunities.

    Even if you sit for a long time it is better if you only lose a little money. Trading with the trend is highly emphasized by Gelber.

    Brian Gelber market wizards

    Brian Gelber is one of the most successful traders who was featured in an interview by Jack D. Schwager which later became a compilation book of interviews with some of the most successful traders in market history under the title "Market Wizards"

    The book also tells about a trader who turned $ 30,000 into $ 80 million, and there is also a story about a T-trader in bond futures who split $ 25,000 into $ 2 billion in one day!

    Brian Gelber interviewed in part IV with the title of the view from the floor.

    Within this section are Brian Gelber broker turned trader, Tom Baldwin the fearless pit trader and Tony Saliba "one lot" triumph

    I think you will get motivated if you read the book you can buy at Amazon. Or you can search pdf free download from several sites.

    It s very good conservation between Jack D. Schwager. with Brian Welder from the prospective trader. 

    In this conservation, the question and answer session became an interesting story from Brian Gelber, who from the broker turned to trader. When to start a career, and what are the success stories in career trading. Will motivate you to succeed like Gelber.

    Marty Schwartz trader story

    Marty Schwartz is one of the top traders that Jack Schwager and Michael Covel interviewed in the book Stock Market Wizards.

    In his trading career, Marty Schwartz managed to book a profit of 20% per month from trading stocks, futures, and options.

    He earned the nickname Buzzy as Marty Schwartz's nickname in trading.

    Marty Schwartz became a famous trader after he won the US Trading Championship in 1984. Unlike Brian Gelber, who started from the broker turned to the trader, Schwartz is a day trader.

    Daily traders open and close positions on the same day. Apart from trading with personal funds, he also manages the funds of several clients. In trading, Schwartz relies more on technical analysis than on fundamentals.

    Besides, he also wrote a book about trading with the title "Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street's Champion Day Trader" which tells of his sweet and bitter experiences as a stock trader on Wall Street.

    Marty Schwartz is US marines

    Marty Schwartz before becoming a trader had started his career in the US marines from 1968-1973, ending up as captainship.

    After working for several years as a financial analyst at EF Hutton, Martin raised $ 100,000 in the capital, quit as an analyst, and bought a seat on the American Stock Exchange where he began trading himself.

    He chooses to trade in stocks and futures. In his first year as an independent trader, he made $ 600,000 and a year later earned $ 1.2 million.

    Martin received national attention when he won the US Investment Championship in 1984. In 1985, he created his mutual fund and started handling client money and including his own.

    After trading a lot of stocks and futures, he also tried to enter into options trading.

    Marty Schwartz's Trading Strategy

    Marty Schwartz's trading strategy is more inclined towards trend following. He is very concerned about trends. He believes that once the price has started a new trend, it's possible that the trend will continue. 

    In conducting trading analysis Marty Schwartz uses an Exponential Moving Average with a period of 10, to analyze for bullish and bearish markets.

    Basic rules on how to use EMA If the price is above the line  EMA 10 it will go long. Likewise, if the price is below the EMA 10, he tends to choose the short

    Marty Schwartz also uses the Put/Call Ratio as an additional indicator. This is especially so when he is also trading options.

    As a day trader or short term trader, though Schwartz is very careful and very considerate before opening a position.

    He also learned from his friends, one of which he stated that when there is good news but stock prices move down, it means the market is very weak. Conversely, when the news is bad but the price goes up, it means that market sentiment is high.

    Because he likes short-term trading, he participated in the U.S. Trading Championships in 1984 hosted by Stanford University.

    In the contest, each contestant starts with an initial fund of USD400,000. He became the champion after scoring an average of 210 percent in four months.

    As a successful trader, he advises other traders, one of the most meaningful quotes is "Learn to accept mistakes and losses. Don't let losses increase, quickly cut losses. Don't increase the position size to two or three times before your capital. doubled or tripled."

    Marty Schwartz Key Success

    Schwartz explained how his marine training during his service was very helpful in his trading.

    It's because such training provides discipline in implementing the trading system. His experience in the marines also gave him the courage to trade in futures and options whose risk is higher than stocks.

    In one statement he explained that the most essential thing in trading is not to risk all your money and never to lose all your money.

    Marty Schwartz's work ethic is extraordinary and he especially emphasizes the need for discipline, instead, Brian Gelber emphasizes risk management. 

    For example, he drew all of his charts by hand and used physical paper to draw them. He said it helped him "connect" with the market better. Although it also requires more time and effort.

    Marty has a trading system that contains trading rules. He wrote it by hand on paper and laminated it with plastic. The paper is then taped to the right corner of his desk where he can see each trade.

    Marty also emphasized the importance of a trader's psychology or mindset. 

    He said, the bottom line is that the main enemy of trading is yourself, they don't fight the market because the market doesn't care.

    Listen to the market what's happening right now and don't bother with what happened even five minutes ago.

    The trader does not need to prove that his analysis is right or wrong, and what he needs to listen to is money.

    Schwartz has a mentor who helps him learn to trade better. In Schwartz's case, his mentor was Bob Zoellner, a top trader who specialized in tape reading.

    Marty Schwartz 3 day rule

    This rule became famous and made an idea for many traders.

    The essence of the 3-day rule states that smart money will enter on the first day. Semi-smart money will hit the market on the second day; and less smart money entered the market on the third day.

    This idea provides a strategy for other traders to learn when to enter the market.

    In the book he wrote "Pitbull" many traders have studied it and taken some important points of advice, from losing traders to winning traders.

    He trades using ema 10 to monitor trend movements. The next suggestion is to ask if I will open this position? It becomes a question for the trader himself whether this position is profitable or the high risk of losing.

    Another rule is that the losses incurred must be followed by greater profits.

    This makes a warning to overconfident traders who mostly become euphoric about winning trades and cause over-trading.

    With this rule, traders should be more careful and maintain the profits they have earned.

    Schwartz also argues that the main enemy is traders themselves, not the market. Because the market won't care about you, and you won't know whether you are right or wrong, if you don't listen to the market you will lose.

    Schwartz also always makes a checklist and reread it with the plan, it is important to learn about the trader's mistakes and create new rules to correct them.

    In his trading plan, he always emphasizes knowing the amount of loss that is willing to bear in one order or plan trading.

    And the daily trading advice is not to place your stop loss below the low or above the high in the daily market range, because this method will be touched by stop losses more often.

    Bottom line

    Brian Gelber and Marty Schwartz are two successful traders known for being one of the top traders interviewed by Jack D. Schwager which was published in a book with "Market wizards."

    Both of them made the controversial move in which Brian Gelber is starting from the broker turned to the trader. Meanwhile, Marty Schwartz was a US marine as captainship.

    Even though the world is currently in a state of global recession recently, financial markets, including stocks, forex, CFD are still the prima donna of business.

    This cannot be separated because it is easy to start trading and this can be done at home, it will be safe from worries because of the coronavirus.